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Sam was one of our first customers and has been taking IBS Advanced Formula + since March 2022. Sam's story* is a powerful example of how a natural supplement can truly help to change lives for the better. It gives us tremendous pleasure to hear such stories and provides the extra motivation to help spread our message. 

When did your IBS start?

I have had IBS for over 20 years now. I recall it beginning after a bout of gastroenteritis after travelling abroad. This also coincided with a difficult period in my life with a lot stress and anxiety in my personal life. Ever since then I spent a very long time researching and trialling almost every common (and not so common!) IBS treatment available. 

Customer image of Sam from St Albans

What were your symptoms? 

My IBS started with my bloating but quickly became severe flare-ups of bloat, wind, constipation (particularly with wheat products) and pain. It also affected my mood and I found, as often in IBS cases, one affecting the other in a negative cycle.

What have you tried in the past to help?

I spent years trying out various diets and had a number of tests to ensure I didn't have any other illness.

The last 6 years or so I totally cut wheat out of my diet as well as garlic, onions and a number of other FODMAPs. I have also tried the traditional medications like Buscopan and laxatives (both which quickly became ineffective) as well as  intermittent fasting, exercise regimes, yoga, mindfulness and a number of other supplements with little to no success.

What benefits are you feeling now? 

Strangely I came across IBS Advanced Formula + at the same time as an IBS Hypnotherapy app just from Google searching IBS treatments after yet another failed social event struggling to eat much having had to avoid so may foods. Six weeks later my eating world has literally turned on it's head! I have had a lot less bloating and pain, as well as reduced wind and my bowel habits are more normal than ever in the last 20 years! Most impressively I have eaten wheat again for the last 7 days in a row and am amazed to find I can do this now like someone without IBS! My family and I keep pinching ourselves to make sure we are not dreaming!

How would you sum things up?

The effects are so dramatic that I am actually looking forward now to social events. I still can't believe  how well this has worked after 20 years of trial and error. I hope the positive changes continue as I start trying more foods again. Thank you Cambridge Natural Supplements!


Customer testimonial from Mary

Mary left this review on Trustpilot in February 2023* She started taking IBS Advanced Formula+ in November 2022. "This product has been a life changer for me. My IBS flare ups were several per week even though following fodmap food guide. This supplement has calmed my IBS symptoms down so that I'm not constantly worrying about what I'll be able to eat and whether toilet facilities are ok. It worked really quickly for me too, I noticed a difference in the first week of taking it and then it kept improving. I still need to be careful with what I choose to eat although I do find I can get away with eating a little of something which used to be an absolute no. I generally feel much calmer and more able to get on with my life for which I am truly grateful. As a bonus, I have found that I am getting better quality sleep as I wasn't aware until now how much my symptoms impacted on my ability to sleep. Customer service has been excellent, to the point of receiving an email which helped me to understand the healing process my body needed to go through and enabled me to continue using the supplement when I thought to discontinue. My only problem is managing the monthly pay out as I'm on a low income and I wish this could be available as a prescription as it would help me financially. For that reason I am attempting to manage with one dose per day instead of two in order to half my outgoings now that I've been taking it for 3 months. Thank you so much for making this supplement it has saved me from seeing food as a threat and enabled me to enjoy food again. ♥"

Peter Customer Testimonial

Peter left this review on Amazon in January 2023* after taking our Sleep supplement LC Advanced Formula+ "I have had trouble sleeping for a few years now, often laying awake for hours and then falling asleep just when it’s time to get up! Subsequently being tired and irritable the next day. I can honestly report that three weeks on, I am enjoying the benefit of improved sleep and have experienced absolutely no adverse side effects so far. In fact, I feel great! I will definitely continue to order these capsules in future".



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