About Us

Clinically Proven. Naturally Balanced.

About us

Developed by a UK pharmacologist with 30 years experience in the health supplement field, Cambridge Natural Supplements is a 100% natural health supplement company backed by real science.

Our Philosophy

We believe everyone has the right to a happy and pain-free life.

But for many of us, chronic health issues are getting in the way of day-to- day activities and stopping us doing the things we love. For too long, we’ve witnessed people struggle needlessly, unable to find the solutions to their problems through traditional channels. And we’re here to change that.

Our unique, in-house formulas have been scientifically developed to solve health issues using wholly natural ingredients. How do we know they work? Because each of our supplements has been extensively researched and tested by our own pharmacologists. We only use the purest and most effective ingredients possible to develop high-quality products that are safe, natural and backed by leading scientific studies.

Our Story

Co-founded by ex-school friends Mark and Joe, Cambridge Natural Supplements was created to help others live healthier, happier lives — naturally.

For over 12 years, Mark suffered with life-limiting IBS symptoms, undergoing multiple invasive tests and trying numerous unsuccessful treatments. Frustrated by a lack of answers, he began conducting his own research into his condition, with eye-opening results. Mark discovered that, like many IBS sufferers, he had a large imbalance of mast cells in his body. He also found out that a natural flavonoid called Quercetin — a potent antioxidant found in many plants — was extremely efficient at providing relief.

With this revelation, Mark turned to his old school friend, Joe, a pharmacologist with an undergraduate and Masters degree from Cambridge University.
Together, they developed a unique formula utilising the natural effects of the plant extracts quercetin, theanine and turmeric. For Mark, the health benefits of this supplement were life-changing.

In 2021, the pair founded Cambridge Natural Supplements to support others just like Mark. Inspired by nature and guided by science, we want to help people across the UK claim back their lives with efficacious and affordable health supplements.