What our customers tell us about their IBS symptoms!

The trauma that IBS can cause sufferers should never be underestimated. It consumes their lives on a daily basis and the impact on mental health can be just as severe as the symptoms.

Prior to customers starting to take our supplements, we ask them to complete a survey. The aim is to establish the severity of symptoms so customers can monitor how these change over time.

The results from customers participating in this survey* are truly astonishing:

  •  85% of customers experienced Abdominal pains several times a week with 52% experiencing pain every day.

  • 85% of customers experienced Bloating several times a week with 54% experiencing bloating every day.

  • 65% of customers experienced Constipation several times a month.

  • 54% experienced Diarrhea several times a week with 22% getting Diarrhea every day.

When we asked customers about the pain experienced, 13% stated their pain was severe but 41% stating the pain was severe but tolerable. Anyone in this situation though knows that whilst the pain may be tolerable it has an overwhelming impact on daily life.

Mental health issues as a result of IBS should not be underestimated.

  • 78% of customers feel stressed most of the time because of their IBS.

  • 67% get annoyed/frustrated most of the time by the amount of time spent on the toilet.

  • 65% of less confident most or all the time as a result of their IBS symptoms.

Infographic showing results of survey

These results are quite staggering but we are seeing positive results from customers taking our IBS advanced formula. We have asked customers to complete similar surveys after taking our supplement for a few months and the full results will be available soon. We are thrilled when we hear positive feedback from comments on Trustpilot demonstrating that our supplement can be life changing:

“I have now been taking them for approximately 4 months and what a difference! My symptoms are massively improved and the number of "stuck on the loo" moments have reduced to maybe once a week instead of several times every single day. After 20 odd years of suffering, I can't tell you how relieved I am to have found something that actually helps” Thank you – Nicola

“Six weeks later my eating world has literally turned on it's head! I have had a lot less bloating and pain, as well as reduced wind and my bowel habits are more normal than ever in the last 20 years! Most impressively I have eaten wheat again for the last 7 days in a row and am amazed to find I can do this now like someone without IBS! My family and I keep pinching ourselves to make sure we are not dreaming!” Sam

Our IBS Advanced Formula + contains only natural ingredients, proven to reduce the long term symptoms of IBS. Containing 250mg of quercetin, a natural plant flavonoid with a powerful antioxidant function helps calm overactive mast cells in the gut.

It also includes the natural plants extracts of Theanine (from green tea) and Curcumin (from turmeric). Theanine may help to alleviate stress, depression and anxiety which otherwise may exacerbate the symptoms of IBS. It has also been shown to calm hyperactivity of the intestines. CavaCurmin is made from the main active ingredient in Turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory benefits which may help to support a healthy gut and reduce the bloating caused by inflammation.

If you are yet to try our supplements, click here to read more information.


*Results based on 54 customers surveyed through the platform Zoho surveys up until 6th July 2022. Customers were not incentivised to provide information.


  • H Julie, thanks for your comments. We agree that people should speak with their GP to determine what tests they recommend taking. Take Care, Claire

  • A comment about IBS diagnosis: I was diagnosed with IBS 15 years ago. At the end of October last year I suddenly had what I thought was a severe flare-up of symptoms. The main symptom was chronic diarrhoea on a daily basis. This was different from my usual IBS symptom pattern.
    I subsequently had a faecal calprotectin (FC) test which showed elevated calprotectin levels ie indicating bowel inflammation. A colonoscopy with biopsies diagnosed microscopic colitis which is a little known form of inflammatory bowel disease.
    I would conclude that anyone who says they have IBS where they are suffering from diarrhoea on a daily basis, should ask the GP for an FC test to see if there is bowel inflammation present. It is estimated that a significant number of people who have IBS also have microscopic colitis.
    Your thoughts on this comment would be appreciated.

    Julie Williams

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