Abdominal Pain

IBS sufferer with abdominal pain

One of the key symptoms of IBS is abdominal pain which can be felt anywhere in the abdomen area (between the hips and the chest) and may indeed change over time.

The type of pain can vary from person to person and could be:

  • Camping or camp-like
  • Stabbing
  • Sharp
  • A feeling of having a ‘migraine’ in the stomach

Abdominal pain can have a serious impact on a suffers quality of life, causing many people with IBS to miss work, school, and social events. 

What causes Abdominal Pain?

IBS pain is related to the way the bowels move and could be linked with intestinal contractions.  The muscles in the colon contract to move stools out of the body. These muscles may be overworked with symptoms of IBS.

  • Pain may lessen after having a bowel movement.
  • If the frequency of bowel movements change, this may bring on pain.
  • The may also start when stools change and become harder or softer.
  • Pain can occur after eating and may last for several hours.  

    What are the treatments for Abdominal Pain?

    Finding a quick treatment to relieve the pain is important to minimise the impact the pain will have on your quality of life.

    • Heat: Applying warmth such as a heat pad or hot water bottle to your abdomen could help relieve the pain.
    • Hot Drinks: Sipping a cup of tea or herbal teas may help. 
    • Medication: You  may want to try medication recommended by a pharmacist or Doctor to provide short term relief.

    To help minimise the pain in the longer term, you may consider:

    • FODMAP: Following a Low Fodmap diet may help you to identify which carbohydrates your gut has trouble digesting. Our recommended app is the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet app.
    • Stabilising Mast cells: Mast cells could be playing a role with your abdominal pain associated with your IBS. Read more information on what Mast Cells are and why we believe our IBS Advanced Formula + could stabilise mast cells and provide longer term relief to your IBS.

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